Stem Cell for Joints Repair

Increasing pain caused by the aging process and general wear and tear can lead people to contemplate having one or more of their joints replaced.

Hips and knees are particularly vulnerable in this respect. The cartilage and tendons that enable the joints to work effectively may become worn, and you may even suffer the nagging pain that comes from bones rubbing together.

In recent decades, one of the most popular treatment options has been the replacement of the joint in question. About 450,000 hip replacements are carried out in the United States each year, while for knee replacements the number is as high as 800,000.

However, stem cell therapy may be a more attractive and less invasive option for many people. Let’s look at how stem cell for joints works, and how it could be a compelling option for many of those suffering with pain in their knees or hips.

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Why Stem Cell for Joints May be the Best Option

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Having a knee or a hip replacement is a major operation. A surgeon will have to open up the area around the joint, remove any damaged pieces of bone or cartilage, and put in an artificial implant.

Even with the use of less invasive modern surgical techniques, you are likely to need a general anaesthetic. And the recovery time is likely to be significant. It will probably be months rather than weeks before you regain the full range of movement in the joint you have had replaced.

The use of stem cell treatment for joint replacements represents a far less invasive solution to the pain being suffered in a joint.

At the Stemwell Clinic, we use stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord tissue of healthy, full-term volunteer donors. Those cells can then be injected directly into the area of an affected joint, or applied intravenously.

Stem cells are undifferentiated, and have the capacity to generate healthy tissue for whatever purpose the body requires – including developing bone and cartilage.

Stem cell treatment has delivered beneficial anti-inflammatory outcomes and improved physical health of people suffering from joint pain. Such a course of treatment could be the right option to improve your quality of life and support your healing process.

Learn More About Stem Cell for Joints at Stemwell Clinic

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Talk to us at the Stemwell Clinic if you are suffering from pain in your joints and are weighing up your treatment options. Our dedicated, trained and experienced team will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about stem cell therapy and how it works.

If you’re ready to start your journey towards an improved quality of life, apply today to check your eligibility for stem cell therapy. Once you apply, we will come back within 48 hours with a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your requirements to help you achieve your goals.

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