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Stem Cell Therapy vs Knee Replacement

The decision to have knee replacement surgery is a serious one for any patient. This is an invasive procedure that, even if successful, can involve lengthy rehabilitation.

Deciding to undergo stem cell therapy rather than a surgical knee replacement may be the better option for some patients. But how do you make the choice of stem cell therapy vs knee replacement?

To assist your decision if you are suffering with serious knee pain, let’s look in more detail about what is involved in both cases.

doctor examine X-ray for potential knee replacement

Knee Replacement

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It has been estimated that 800,000 knee replacements are carried out each year in the United States alone. People decide to have their joint replaced when they have been suffering from pain and decreased mobility.

Your knee joint can become damaged for a variety of reasons. You may be suffering from debilitating chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Alternatively, you may have put your knees under pressure with excessive exercise or sporting ventures that come back to haunt you as you become older.

People often feel they have no alternative to knee replacement when they find that everyday activities – even those as simple as walking or going upstairs – cause discomfort.

Replacing your damaged joint with a new artificial version is, by definition, an invasive surgery. Because it is such a major procedure, it can take several months of rehabilitation before you feel as good as new.

Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell procedure in action

The biggest difference in stem cell therapy vs knee replacement is that stem cell treatment is far less invasive. As a result, the time taken to rehabilitate from stem cell therapy on a damaged knee can be much shorter than in the case of a replacement.

Whatever the reason for the pain and discomfort your knee is causing you, stem cell therapy may be helpful. Umbilical cord stem cells are undifferentiated cells that signal the body to decrease inflammation, repair, regenerate, and heal. Stem cells, when injected directly into an affected area (targeted stem cell treatment), can work to support healing and decrease pain.

At Stemwell, we use only umbilical cord stem cells that have been ethically harvested from healthy donors. Those cells can either be injected directly into the affected area or applied intravenously, to get to work improving quality of life.

Ultimately, the decision between stem cell therapy vs knee replacement will be a personal one – your individual situation may ultimately determine which option is the better solution for you.

However, the fact that stem cell therapy exists as an alternative to traditional knee replacement ensures that you should be able to choose a treatment that is best for you.

Stem Cell Therapy vs Knee Replacement – Talk to us Today

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Your first step when contemplating the possibility of using stem cell therapy to alleviate a debilitating knee condition is to speak with us at Stemwell.

We’ll educate you on the available options for your particular situation. You can take comfort in knowing that if you decide to move forward with stem cell therapy, you will be cared for by an experienced team dedicated to producing ideal outcomes.

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