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At Stemwell, we want to help you get back the life you’ve dreamed of living. Our doctors have treated thousands of joint injuries and provided effective anti-aging solutions, utilizing the latest cutting-edge, cell-based treatments.

Take the first step today. Apply now to discover if you qualify. If eligible, our doctors will design a personalized treatment plan just for you.

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The Stemwell Journey

Don’t Let The Pains of Aging Limit You

Stemwell’s goal is to improve your quality of life. Our doctors have successfully treated thousands of joint injuries and provided advanced anti-aging solutions.

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art regenerative medicine clinic in Bogota, Colombia. Here we provide the latest stem cell treatments with the highest concentration of young, robust, ethically derived, umbilical cord stem cells (we do not use stem cells from embryos).

To start your journey towards an improved quality of life, apply today to check your eligibility for stem cell therapy. Once you apply, we will come back within 48 hours with a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your requirements to help you achieve your goals.

Why Stem Cells?

The stem cell is considered the most powerful cell in the human body. Stem cells can help reduce pain, regulate the immune system, aid in tissue repair, and minimize scarring.

Stemwell’s regenerative medicine protocols support these highly concentrated, robust stem cells to maximize the cell’s renewal potential.

Feel the Difference

Patients experience a quick recovery through this non-surgical alternative. The procedures are minimally invasive, with no cuts, no residual scars, and no extensive rehabilitation. 

Our goal is to help reduce pain and support tissue, joint, cartilage, bone, and muscle functions.

Enjoy the following stories of life change

Listen To What Our Patients Are Saying

At Stemwell, patients appreciate the excellent customer service, the knowledge they gain about stem cell treatments, and staff professionalism.

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“I chose Stemwell because the doctors are very professional, the service was excellent, and they were highly responsive to all my calls. Best of all, finally, I feel better! Thank you, Stemwell.”

stem cell treatment patient



“I found an alternative in regenerative medicine and decided to go one step further. In my case I had wonderful results.”

Stemwell Treatments

Pain Points

We provide personalized treatment plans targeting the root cause of your symptoms. We treat everything from joint injuries to aging-related disorders.

man in pain holding shoulder

Joint Injuries

Everyday living can take its toll on an active body. Stemwell’s personalized treatment plans target the root cause of the pain and support the repair process.

woman looking at her skin


Aging decreases the skin’s collagen and elastin, resulting in thin, dry, and wrinkled skin. Stemwell’s proprietary stem cell treatments support the skin’s collagen and elastin, thus improving skin tone and blood flow. Moreover, we offer IV applications as part of our comprehensive approach, catering not only to aesthetics but also addressing anti-aging concerns.

woman with neck and shoulder pain

Chronic Pain

This can limit your life and be emotionally and physically draining. Stemwell treatments assist the body’s natural healing processes to reduce orthopedic trauma and chronic pain.

young happy couple

Sexual Health

Many desire improved sexual health. Stemwell’s proprietary treatments may be the answer to improved sexual wellness.

Herniated or Bulging Disks

This can lead to intense pain in your back and lower body that restricts your mobility by making it extremely painful to walk – regenerative medicine techniques can make a significant difference.

nurse with man with spinal injury in wheelchair

Spinal Cord Issues

Regenerative stem cell therapies are a helpful, noninvasive treatment with no hardware placement and no additional loss of mobility.

Why Bogota

Your Journey Starts in Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota it is possible for patients to receive higher concentrations of younger, more robust umbilical cord stem cells (as per *INVIMA regulations). Stemwell is uniquely positioned to select the healthiest, ethically derived, umbilical cord stem cells, multiply them in a laboratory and provide patients with hundreds of millions of potent, youthful, and hard-working stem cells. The outcomes from these treatments are very encouraging.

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