The Clinic

Stemwell is a regenerative medicine clinic that combines cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and a wonderful team of skilled physicians, nurses, and technicians.

The facility features top of the line operating rooms, a patient recovery wing for outpatient procedures, sophisticated imaging systems, and modern technologies for testing and analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of all our treated cells. For sterile stem cell processing, we collaborate with a GMP (Good Medical Practices) cell culture.

Our Doctors

Stemwell Team

The Stemwell team consists of a skilled orthopedic surgeon and general practitioners who specialize in joint injuries, and anti-aging.

stemwell regenerative medicine clinic team
Carlos Guerrero Silva MD

Carlos Guerrero Silva

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Patients love seeing Dr. Guerrero because of his impeccable track record, trustworthiness, and vast knowledge of stem cells. He specializes in neurological issues, anti-aging, and pain relief in the joints, including the knee, back, hip, spine, and shoulder. 

Steven Howell, MD

Stephen Howell

General Physician

General physician who graduated from Universidad el Bosque Bogotá, Colombia, with a degree in basic sciences from Xavier University School of Medicine.

Maria Alejandra Ortiz Vidal

Maria Ortiz

General Physician

General physician who graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. She’s an expert in pediatric surgery support, patient care, and clinical consultations. 

Verónica Bigott

Veronica Biggett

Physical Therapist

Physical therapist who graduated from the  Universidad del Rosario with a disciplined focus in public health and social management. She’s specialized in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries. 

Why Bogota

Your Journey Starts in Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota it is possible for patients to receive higher concentrations of younger, more robust umbilical cord stem cells (as per *INVIMA regulations). Stemwell is uniquely positioned to select the healthiest, ethically derived, umbilical cord stem cells, multiply them in a lab and provide patients with hundreds of millions of potent, youthful, and hard-working stem cells. The outcomes from these stem cell treatments are very encouraging. 

Fantastic food, fun, and safe place to visit:

Ten million people call historic, vibrant, and passionate Bogota their home. The energy of Colombia’s metropolitan center is fueled by its fantastic wines, incredible coffee, and delicious food. For travelers who have never been to Bogota, it’s just as safe as traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, the United States dollar goes a long way. Stemwell Regenerative Medical Clinic is located in the thriving business hub with big corporations like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.


All therapies conducted in Colombia are regulated by the Ministry of Health, INVIMA and other local authorities.
All treatments are performed within the country’s legal limits and regulatory framework.