How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

If you have been told that stem cell therapy might be an appropriate treatment for a medical condition you are suffering, you might have several questions.

  • What is stem cell treatment?
  • What does stem cell therapy do?
  • And how does stem cell treatment work?

To answer these questions, let’s start by defining what stem cells are. Stem cells can be defined as life’s building blocks. They are undifferentiated, or “blank” cells that have not yet become specialized – as most cells in the human body eventually are.

Introducing stem cells into a body can alleviate symptoms such as joint injury, inflammation, chronic pain – and possibly the damage done by debilitating conditions.

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What Can Stem Cells Do?

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Stem cells are versatile.
They have the ability to sense what the body needs.

Stem cells are like the conductor of an orchestra. They signal your cells to decrease inflammation and promote healing.

Stem cells can:

– Promote human tissue regeneration and repair
– Decrease inflammation
– Regulate and modulate immune responses
– Help prevent premature cell death
– Regulate the growth of blood vessels
– Reduce scarring tissue

How does stem cell therapy work? Stem cells are injected into specific areas, and intravenously. They signal your cells to promote healing, decrease inflammation, etc. Stem cells signal your cells to act and help heal, thus improving quality of life.

Where do Stem Cells Come From?

At Stemwell, we have found that the best source of stem cells is donated umbilical cord stem cells from healthy mothers. There is increasing evidence that umbilical cord stem cells are more robust than those from other sources. In Colombia, we use allogeneic cells – the name for cells that come from a donor, rather than the affected patient themselves.

This enables screening and selecting of the stem cells with the best anti-inflammatory properties, the capacity to modulate an immune response, and the ability to help promote regeneration.

Every patient treated by Stemwell has an individualized treatment plan to ensure we support your health in the best way possible.

People often ask us, how are stem cells injected into the body? The simple answer is that they are injected into the target location and/or intravenously,
depending on the need.

In this way, we can treat your condition in a way that offers you the best support in your personal situation, depending on the reason that has brought you to us.

Our stem cell laboratory features sophisticated systems and the latest technologies to ensure we are utilizing the highest quality stem cells in our treatments.

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At Stemwell, our mission is to support people with a range of medical issues. Our work is designed to help and to improve quality of life.

If you would like to know more about stem cell therapy you can contact us with any questions, or apply today to check your eligibility.

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