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How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

Stem cell therapy delivers the potential to support, and improve the lives of, people who may be suffering from a wide range of physical ailments.

There is now a large amount of research that suggests stem cell therapy may lead to beneficial outcomes in many cases.

However, people still have many questions relating to stem cell therapy. One of most commonly asked is simple: How long does stem cell therapy last?

At Stemwell, we are regularly asked this question during consultations with visitors. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple – the impact of stem cell therapy, and the length of time during which its beneficial effects may be felt, vary from person to person.

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How Stem Cell Treatment is Applied

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Stem cell therapy implantation at the Stemwell Clinic can take just a few days. We use only ethically sourced stem cells, which are collected from healthy donor umbilical cords.

Stem cells have the potential to reduce inflammation, modulate the body’s immune system, and support tissue regeneration. They can be injected directly into the area affected, or applied intravenously.

The versatility of stem cells means that this treatment may be appropriate for many conditions such as lung disease or fibromyalgia. Their regenerative qualities offer people of all ages the chance of improvement in several types of injuries and other physical ailments.

How Soon do Patients Feel The Benefit of Stem Cell Therapy?

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We understand that this is what people are really asking when they want to know, how long does stem cell therapy last. How long can I expect improvements to last after stem cell treatment?

The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. Because stem cell therapy is appropriate for many conditions, it is not possible to say precisely how soon you should notice improvement – or how long that improvement will last.

Some patients have reported feeling a beneficial effect within 48 hours of their treatment. In other cases, improvement has taken longer and is only noticeable after six months later. Generally, patients tend to see improvements three to six months after their treatment.

As for how long those beneficial effects last, some patients reported an improvement in their condition that lasted for several years.

Many patients undergo stem cell therapy as a complement to other treatments, so it is not always possible to precisely isolate the impact stem cell therapy has made on their health.

However, you may feel an uplift in your wellbeing within a few weeks – and the lasting effects may be with you for a year or more.

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Our expert team at the Stemwell Clinic is dedicated to making a difference, and helping to improve your quality of life.

A wide range of symptoms and conditions may be improved by stem cell therapy, and the length of time benefits are felt varies between patients.

If you schedule a free initial consultation with us, we can discuss how stem cell therapy might benefit you.

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