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The Role of Stem Cells in Alleviating Arthritis Knee Pain

Millions of people across the United States are acutely aware of how debilitating and painful it can be to suffer from arthritis. Up to one in seven adults in the USA suffer from osteoarthritis – and in many, their discomfort affects their knees.

There are many traditional ways to try to offset the symptoms, and one of the most promising is the application of stem cells for arthritis knee pain. Let’s take a detailed look at the way in which stem cell therapy can support the immune response to arthritis and improve a sufferer’s quality of life.

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What is Arthritis and What Causes It?

Arthritis, and specifically osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease that has been described as the fourth leading cause of worldwide disability.

With life expectancy continuing to rise, a progressive condition such as arthritis – which can be caused by the general wear and tear of everyday life – will become increasingly prevalent among a growing senior population.

Arthritis can also be caused by injury. In addition, there are contributing factors, such as obesity and physically demanding jobs, which can put excess strain on the knees. Most commonly, though, arthritic pain in the knee is brought on by daily wear and tear. As cartilage is gradually lost, and the bones it is attached to become affected, pain begins, and my steadily worsen.

As well as the pain that people with arthritic knees know so well, there may be associated symptoms such as tenderness and stiffness. This can in turn lead to a decrease in physical activity, which may affect muscles and ligament strength.

Use of Stem Cells for Arthritis Knee Pain

Stem cell therapy has been proven to deliver positive results in patients with arthritis. This is explained by stem cells’ special qualities, which are unspecialized cells that support the body’s ability to repair, regenerate, and heal.

At the Stemwell Clinic, we use umbilical stem cells harvested from healthy, full-term volunteers. These cells can be applied by targeted injection or intravenously.

Another reason to use stem cells for arthritis knee problems is that they have the ability to modulate the body’s immune system, which leads to reduced inflammation and greater mobility.

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Juliana Bonilla Pabón
Dr. Juliana Bonilla is a specialist in sports medicine and physical activity. She has extensive experience in regenerative medicine, treatment of muscle injuries, management of osteoarticular pathologies, and exercise prescription. Her patient-centered approach is evidenced by the development of personalized treatment plans and the use of advanced diagnostic tools to ensure the best possible outcomes. Dr. Bonilla has a remarkable ability to apply stem cells and treat injury areas with regenerative medicine, promoting optimal healing and effective recovery for her patients. Her deep knowledge and dedication have made her an expert in the treatment of chronic pathologies, helping both athletes and the general population to achieve optimal levels of health, performance, and recovery.

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