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The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Therapy

You may have heard of stem cell therapy and become intrigued by the subject. 

You may have a personal reason for being interested in it.

You, or someone close to you, may have an issue that could be improved by this relatively new and potentially exciting branch of regenerative medicine.

However, it is always ideal to know as much as possible about any type of treatment before pursuing it. So here are some of stem cells’ principal pros and cons.

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The Pros of Stem Cell Therapy

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Various Conditions May Be Treated

Stem cell therapy has now been applied in a large number of cases. That means there is research to suggest it may lead to beneficial outcomes. There have been many promising results produced by the potential for stem cell therapy to support, and improve the lives of people suffering with a variety of physical conditions.

These may include injuries, and some degenerative issues. Stem cell therapy can
address pain, support the body’s repair process, and reduce recovery time.

Lower Risk of Rejection

Whenever you introduce a foreign substance into a person’s body, there is a risk that their body might reject it. At Stemwell, we ethically collect umbilical cord stem cells that have been rigorously screened so there is no rejection potential, and inject them into areas needing support.

Extent of Stem Cell Research

Stem cell therapy positive outcomes means that the momentum behind research into this branch of regenerative medicine remains strong. You can be reassured that there has been, and continues to be, extensive stem cell research.

The Cons of Stem Cell Therapy

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Ethical Concerns

There has been lengthy debate over the advisability of stem cell research from an ethical standpoint. One issue is that stem cell therapy has in some instances used human embryo cells.

At Stemwell, we make it completely clear that our stem cells are harvested ONLY from healthy donor umbilical cords.

It is a New Branch of Medicine

Despite the volume of stem cell research that has been carried out, this is a field that is still regarded as relatively new. We respect the fact that some people come to us with such concerns, and we are happy to share with them the research and its scientific basis to provide reassurance.

Regulatory Issues

In Bogota, Colombia, stem cell therapies are regulated by INVIMA, the Colombian FDA equivalent. We believe this delivers a robust and reputable regulatory framework to offer peace of mind to those who use our services.

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