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Nicolás E. Bernard


Physician – University of Buenos Aires, UBA

Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging – Argentine Society of Radiology, SAR

Sub-specialization in Musculoskeletal Imaging of Sports and Traumatic Injuries –  University of Buenos Aires, UBA

Nicolas Bernarld

Physician specialized in diagnostic imaging with a notable sub-specialization in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, especially in the sports and traumatic fields. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to academic excellence and clinical practice. His focus is on the application of advanced imaging technologies to provide precise diagnoses and effective treatments for athletes and patients with sports and traumatic injuries. Additionally, his innovation in regenerative medicine has led him to explore new ways of using imaging to apply substances that promote tissue regeneration and improve therapeutic outcomes. Currently, he practices his specialty in Colombia, where he continues to provide high-quality care and contribute to the advancement of diagnostic medicine in the country.