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What Are Embryonic Stem Cells?

Embryonic stem cells are tissue harvested from human embryos at a very early stage of development. They have the same properties as stem cells collected in other ways, namely the ability to regenerate healthy tissue, support anti-inflammation and healing, and improve the quality of life of people suffering with a variety of conditions.

While embryonic stem cells can deliver beneficial outcomes, their use is controversial from both a medical and an ethical standpoint. At the Stemwell Clinic, we do not use embryonic stem cells in our treatment programs.

How are embryonic stem cells obtained? They are collected in a laboratory from human embryos that have recently been created and are between three and five days old. This is a stage in development called the blastocyst, which at this point is made up of about 150 cells.

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Why is Embryonic Stem Cell Research Controversial?

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Stem cells collected from human embryos have the same properties as those harvested in other ways. Stem cells are undifferentiated, or blank, cells that can develop as healthy tissue for whatever purpose the body requires.

However, the use of embryonic stem cells is controversial. There have been questions over their efficacy from a medical standpoint – and the ethical debate is even more heated.

The embryo from which embryonic stem cells are extracted is no longer viable. Many pro-life organizations and individuals, who believe life begins at conception, regard the process as nothing short of murder.

Our highly trained and professional team at the Stemwell Clinic uses stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord tissue of healthy, full-term volunteer donors.

The tissue we collect can be injected directly into an affected area of the body, or intravenously. The stem cells then go to work generating healthy tissue that can support healing and an improved quality of life.

Stem cells can be collected from various parts of the body, including bone marrow, as well as from embryos. However, we believe that the stem cells found in the umbilical cord following the delivery of a healthy baby carry all the properties required to bring benefits to our patients. The process is also non-invasive.

As a result, while we respect the science behind embryonic stem cells, when you visit the Stemwell Clinic you will be treated using stem cells collected from umbilical cord tissue rather than embryos.

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When you have questions about stem cell therapy, our dedicated team is ready to answer them. We can give you all the information you need about this form of regenerative medicine, and can explain to you why we use stem cells from umbilical cord tissue rather than embryonic stem cells.

If you would like to know more about stem cell therapy you can contact us with any questions, or apply today to check your eligibility.

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