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Martha Liliana Rodríguez


Physiotherapist – Universidad del Rosario

Diploma in Alternative Therapies: Magnetotherapy, Homeopathy, Neural Therapy, and Acupuncture – Universidad del Rosario

International Diploma in Invasive Physiotherapy – Fisioterapia en Movimiento SAS International Physical Therapy Group

Martha Rodriguez

Highly skilled physiotherapist with extensive experience in various therapeutic modalities, including magnetotherapy, homeopathy, neural therapy, acupuncture, and invasive physiotherapy. She has dedicated her career to exploring and applying alternative approaches to pain management and rehabilitation. Her ability to integrate traditional techniques with alternative therapies allows her to offer personalized treatment plans that address the individual needs of each patient. Committed to continuous improvement, she continues to educate herself on the latest innovations in physiotherapy and alternative therapies to provide the highest level of patient care, contributing to their recovery and well-being.